Location: Yerevan, Armenia
Date: 2010
Client: N/A
Involvement: Conceptual Proposal
Status: completer

Yerevan's First Modern Master Plan dates back to 1906-1911 (Architect M. Mehrabyan); second and the main Master Plan was designed by Aleksandr  Tamanayan in 1925 (for 150'000 inhabitants). He took the idea of Garden city, which was in fashion at the beginning of the century and adapted it under his drawing. His idea of building a modern capital for the Republic of Armenia would result in a change of the urban structure that the city had before. Only few streets and direction were to be preserved. However, his plan only partly became a reality. In the mid of the twentieth century his fellow colleagues changed his design. Nowadays, rapidly growing Yerevan changes its urban structure by using few ideas of A. Tamanyan's Master Plan and putting those ideas under the Local Developments. In this poster we tried to overlap the old first and second Master Plans with the Topography of early 2000's and discover those architectural points that are preserved from the beginning of twentieth century. These points are the Folding point; based on which we can unfold the urban layers.
You can find the complete project here: http://urbanlab.am/FoldingPoints.pdf