Location: Bucharest, Romania, Yerevan, Armenia
Date: 2012-2013
Client: Urban Transition Association – ATU (Romania) 
Involvement: Consulting
Status: Completed

VIVA EASTPART  a project on Valorization and Improving of Management of Small Historic Centers in the Eastern Partnership region is funded by the European Union in the framework of EuroEastCultue. The project was managed by the Urban Transition Association – ATU (Romania) with the scientific support of Bari University (Italy). Dilijan town and surrounding villages (Teghut, Gosh, Hovk, Haghartsin) were selected communities for the project which was implemented by the Armenian Ecotourism Association in the area. A board member of Urbanlab was presented at the Scientific Committee where series of documents have been developed. For more information please visit: www.vivaeastpart.eu.
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