Location: Vanadzor, Armenia
Date: 2016
Supporter: European Commission through European Association for Local Democracy
Involvement: Project Management and Implementation
Status: Completed

urbanlab, with the support of European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA) initiated Engage Vanadzor, a program aimed to promote reevaluation of Armenia’s 3rd largest city, Vanadzor’s modern tangible and intangible heritage and to advocate its preservation through community engagement.

Being an important and inseparable part of Vanadzor’s cityscape, industrial and modernist architecture and urban design elements were mapped and rediscovered, so was one of the city’s most interesting aspects of urban life: rock music.

Considering protection of heritage not only an issue for the professionals, urbanlab team attempted to combine efforts of both the local community and of the professionals and to voice ideas of joint efforts for reevaluation and protection in a more accessible manner.

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Download Engage Vanadzor map here։
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